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A Creative Wedding Ceremony Trend for 2015

You’ll find plenty of blog posts and articles on wedding trends that focus on venues, color schemes, floral arrangements, food choices, dresses, and more, but there are far fewer that deal directly with the ceremony itself. So let’s take a look at one trend that happens somewhere between the “Dearly Beloved beginning, after the I Do’s and before The Kiss”.

Art Splash

wedding ceremony art pourFor years, wedding couples have enjoyed the tradition of blending together two things to make one whole – by holding a Unity Candle Ceremony, a Sand Ceremony, or a Wine Ceremony, for example. Each of these small ceremonies are designed to represent the uniting of two into one. (When children are involved, two may actually mean three or more!) A newer trend has been evolving lately that brings all the same traditional elements of blending individual components into one unified whole, with a bit more creativity thrown into the mix. Couples and families are creating beautiful works of art by splashing various colored paints on a canvas!

This is a fun, creative way to carry out a “unity ceremony”, and is especially enjoyed by creative couples as well as any children that might be involved. Of course, everyone should be made aware of the potential for mess, so really the term “art splash” might be more of an “art pour” as small jars of paint are poured onto the canvas carefully, rather than thrown at it in a haphazard way. If a couple wants the wilder, crazier splash effect, then preparations should be made to deal with where else the paint may land. Artist smocks, sheets, etc. may be required to protect clothing and other items. And don’t forget to protect your guests!

Rules? Art Has No Rules!

no rulesThe idea of course, is to simply each pour a color of paint onto the canvas from the top, in various places, so that the colors run down, sometimes mixing, sometimes being separate, but always creating beautiful combination of colors. The great thing about this particular trend, however, is that there are no rules. If you’d prefer to create your blended art in some other way, you are welcome to do so! The two of you might prefer to finger paint! Maybe you’d rather go old-school and spray paint, graffiti-style! For the more sparkly couples, perhaps you’d rather throw glitter on glue! Whatever your creative style is, creating a one-of-a-kind blended piece of art will ensure a lasting memory for everyone!

I Have To Make Another Color Choice?? Oh No!

color choicesWeddings are all about endless choices, and colors are one of the first to be agonized over. So, when it comes to choosing colors for your masterpiece, which colors should you opt for? Again, this is your day, so you decide! Some couples go for the official colors of the wedding, while others prefer to choose each person’s favorite color. Still others have special colors in mind that represent some personal connection with the other – maybe she remembers he wore a green tie the first day they met, or he loves her sparkly blue eyes. Whatever has meaning for you, as represented by color, is a great choice to make!

Got Kids? Get Them Involved!

If this will be a family “portrait”, with kids joining the fun, then consider the possibility of everyone placing their unique handprints on the canvas, in their color of choice. This makes for a wonderful remembrance for the entire family. And be sure to consult with the kids on the proper way to create this particular work of art. They are the experts in this scenario, after all! 🙂


hand print art

Want Something A Little Less Random?

Heart artNot everyone is a fan of modern art, with the whole random splash effect. If order is more your style, and the two of you have a little creative talent, you could always apply that creativity towards making a themed representation of your day. An easy way is to paint a heart together, or choose any other symbol that you agree would really showcase your union perfectly!

Your wedding day is your own special work of art, so feel free to represent it on the canvas in whatever way you prefer! Most of all, have fun!

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