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A Halloween Wedding In A Cemetery

I was thrilled to be asked to perform today’s wedding. Halloween weddings are always fun, but this was a first for me – a wedding on Halloween in a cemetery!

Cemetery weddings are rare. Most cemeteries don’t allow it, but this nice couple got permission. We, of course, were respectful of our surroundings, but I’d like to think those who were at rest there enjoyed the short celebration of love.

A Halloween wedding in a cemetery

Of course, it’s the optics that stand out – the “venue”, the attire, etc. However, don’t assume that it was just theatrics. This was all about a couple who love each other very much. They also happen to be huge Halloween fans, so the setting was appropriate. But it was the love that mattered today, and love radiated from each of them.

Happy Halloween and Many Blessings, Josh and Grace!

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