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August Wedding At A Southern Plantation

Normally, an outdoor wedding at the end of August in Southeast Louisiana is guaranteed to be steamy hot, but the weather was happy to cooperate for this particular wedding.

Many assume that a beautiful southern plantation wedding is out of reach, or only for the largest, most elegant weddings. That’s just not the case, luckily. Even a small wedding with 20-30 guests can be held in a gorgeous oak-lined setting at one of the classiest plantations in the area. When shopping around, ask for the elopement special, which may come with some restrictions, but it will also likely come with a much more reasonable price.

For privacy reasons, the couple I married a few days ago at this incredibly romantic venue would like to stay out of the online spotlight. For that reason, I’ve blurred the couple and guests, but tried to capture some of the ambiance of the surrounding area in this photograph. Hopefully, you can imagine how spectacular it actually was.

Southern plantation wedding

I was thrilled to be able to officiate this wedding, and as a side note, we actually made history that day. That’s saying a lot considering we were holding a ceremony at a plantation that made a lot of history on its own.

The ceremony, the couple, the guests, the setting, and the weather were all beautifully connected in a happy, harmonious way. It was a wonderful culmination of a couple’s long-held dream to marry. I wish them well in their future together.

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