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Backyard Wedding Tip #1: Not The Best Time To Aerate The Lawn!

Backyards are wonderful wedding venues. They provide a beautiful setting, usually for free, and offer everyone a more comfortable, relaxed feeling, just as a home should. Perhaps it is this feeling of comfort that lures the unsuspecting women in with the false promise of worry-free times or maybe it’s just that no one thought about the rains that ended last week. Either way, there can be plenty of #weddingfail as the females step into the backyard for the event.

heels stuck in grass

This was taken from a real ceremony yesterday, where these heels were firmly planted in the ground.

Recently, I watched as the bride's 4-inch heels suddenly lost 2 inches to the soft, grassy earth. Click To Tweet

The yard looked dry. It held no hints that the underlying ground was softened from the many rains that had pelted it a week before. Luckily, she didn’t fall or ruin anything other than the heels themselves, but she could easily have ended up meeting the grass on a more close-up basis. The alarm was quickly sounded, and the other women made sure they didn’t suffer the same fate. Some walked on tiptoes, others simply removed their shoes completely. In some ways, it was a typical wedding moment, as something always goes a little wrong. The key is to try to avoid those little oopsies that others have encountered before, so there are as few of those moments as possible.

You can try to pass the word along ahead of time, before the guests decide what to wear, but this is usually something that gets overlooked. Instead, most of the time, someone realizes the “sticky situation” just a few hours before the ceremony. That’s the time to go into action!

Stop The Wedding Guests Before They Aerate The Lawn

heels in grass warning sign

Have a friend of the family, or someone with some free time on their hands, create a warning sign. In addition, have someone find some plastic or cloth sheeting that can be laid on the ground to form a pathway to the various important areas – the seating area for the guests and the area where the bridal party will stand. The sign should direct those with high heels to take them off momentarily – just long enough to walk across the path you’ve laid out, until they reach their seat or chosen area. Everyone will appreciate the tip, and there will be far fewer minor disasters that day!

Alternative Heel Protection Tip

basket of heel protectors You could also keep a supply of heel protectors in a basket for the guests to use. These usually aren’t cheap, although you can find good deals on off-brand heel protectors like these on Amazon. If you don’t want to take a chance on a less well-known brand, then you could opt for the one that nearly everyone agrees is the best – Solemates.

Remember: Even if you supply heel protectors to your guests, you should still make a prominent sign that warns them of the problem ahead, and instructs them to use a set of heel protectors provided in the basket nearby. If they don’t notice the basket, or understand what is inside the basket, they will walk right past it, and will step right into the “big sink”.

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