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Custom Wedding Ceremonies

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Will The Ceremony Really Reflect Us?

No two couples are alike. You each have your own style, personalities, and preferences, and you deserve to have your own custom wedding ceremony. I list some common ceremony styles and packages here on the website, but those are just guidelines to help you have a “place to start”. We will work together to create the perfect ceremony for the two of you.

Your story, your relationship, your beliefs and heritage should all be reflected in the celebration you create for your wedding day. Whether you want to toss tradition out the window, or combine tradition with modern, contemporary ideas, your union should be one that is perfect for the two of you.

How far in advance should you contact me?

Of course, the more notice I have, the better chance you have of making sure I’m available on your chosen day. In general though, 1-2 months in advance may be enough. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for a last-minute ceremony though. You never know, I might be available, and if so, I’ll do what I can to make your day special, even on short notice. The other reason to contact me early is that it gives us time to discuss what you want, make decisions, and then make adjustments as needed.

When/where/how will we meet to discuss the customization of the ceremony?

This is flexible. I like to meet in a local coffee house at first, and then handle follow-up discussions via email, phone, or skype. But we’ll work out those details to our mutual satisfaction.

Will we rehearse the custom ceremony?

Some couples like to have the officiant show up at the rehearsal. If you want me there, choose the Rehearsal and Wedding Ceremony Package and I will attend. We won’t do a complete run-through of the entire ceremony at the rehearsal, but I’ll guide you through the main events, so each of you knows what the process will entail.

Will I plan out all the rest of your wedding as well?

No, sorry, I’m not a wedding planner. Although, while I don’t supply the other bits of a wedding ceremony that most couples want, I can point you to some resources. I’ll add to this list over time.

Wedding Ceremony Resources

Wedding Music

The Knot Wedding Music
Music is key. If you’ve hired someone to play for your wedding, that’s wonderful! If, however, you need to supply your own music, there are plenty of easy choices you can make. Start by considering the #1 best-selling wedding music cd on Amazon, produced by The Knot. The Knot Collection of Ceremony and Wedding Music Selected by the Knot’s Carley Roney is a great choice. If non-traditional is more your style, you might prefer Non-Traditional Wedding Ceremony Music (Bridal Processionals, Recessionals, Bride Entrance, Bridesmaid Entrance, Prelude Music). And if neither of those do it for you, there’s defintely something available for all tastes. Of course, you’ll want to ask a friend to be the DJ for the ceremony. Someone has to know when to press play and when to press start when it’s time for each song to begin. Make sure you choose someone who is familiar with whatever sounds system or boombox you plan to use.

Wedding Decorations

Wedding decorations are another important part of setting the right ambiance. You don’t need a lot of decorative items to turn this into a beautiful ceremony. A few well placed ribbons and a decorated lighted arch can be all you need to turn the ordinary, everyday room or back yard into a perfect wedding venue!

Unity Candles, Sand Ceremony Sets, Etc.

Unity ceremonies are beautiful additions to a wedding ceremony, and the items needed to create them are fairly easy to obtain. A good collection of unity ceremony sets can be found here.

Contact me so we can begin to create the wedding ceremony of your dreams!

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