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Favorite Themed Wedding Ceremonies

Themed wedding ceremonies are requested more often than you might think. Of course, there is always room for one more traditional wedding, but today’s couples are craving custom wedding ceremonies that really reflect who they are. Often, “these ain’t your momma’s ceremonies!” How a theme is implemented can vary greatly. Sometimes a couple will choose to have every detail of the event geared towards the theme, while others only want subtle hints of the theme interjected here and there, gently woven within the normal traditions. I love having a hand in helping create the ceremony that includes a couple’s favorite theme(s). (Yes, some couples combine multiple themes into one ceremony).

Check out how some couples have created amazing, delightful themed weddings, and shared them on the web.

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I listed my opinion of the “Perfect Quote for Vows” under each below.

Lord Of The Rings Wedding Ceremony

I definitely know a few LOTR fans that would appreciate this wedding style, although they are all already married. They might want to have a vow renewal ceremony in the Lord of the Rings style though! This couple below definitely pulled this theme off perfectly!


“Can’t everyone attest to having at least one friend or family member who went a little “off the deep end” over the LOTR trilogy of movies (and books)? I can. That’s precisely why I get a little nervous when I hear this theme mentioned for a wedding. However, it obviously can be quite tastefully done!”

Perfect Quote for Vows: “I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the Ages of this world alone.” —Arwen

The Movie Buff Wedding

movie themed wedding

“While British style lead the way for the attire (a unique Saville Row suit and stunning Jenny Packham wedding dress), it was Hollywood that shaped the decor, with a vintage movie theme that leant itself to glamorous bridesmaids in black, film title table names, and some on-set touches throughout.”

Maybe your style is classic:

Perfect Quote for Vows: “I was looking up… it was the nearest thing to heaven! You were there…” —An Affair to Remember

Maybe your style is more modern:

Perfect Quote for Vows: “You complete me” —Jerry McGuire

Either way, movies can make the perfect backdrop for cool wedding themes. Some couples opt to focus on one favorite movie, while others, as shown above, prefer to embrace entire movie genres.

Renaissance Wedding

Renaissance Faires are popular, and the costumes are already reminiscent of wedding attire, in that they are big, bold, and not something we wear on a daily basis. Couples that love ren faires usually love the idea of having a medieval-style wedding ceremony too. This couple obviously did!


“Hey there! We’re Matt and Michelle and we were married Saturday, November 26th, 2011 at the Texas Renaissance Festival at 11:30 am. It was absolutely beautiful and fun and everything we hoped it would be. …aside from the fact that it poured rain through-out most of the ceremony and…”

Perfect Quote for Vows: “Thou dost takest my breath away, my lady, as thine eyes blind me as with the brightness of the moon so fair.” —Donna Cavalier

Disney Themed Wedding

Probably the most popular themed wedding idea ever is the Disney theme. Luckily, there are so many Disney characters and stories, that it is possible to be at least a little unique if you decide this is the theme for you. Many couples just want a little Disney nuance, with a few quotes thrown in the vows, while others go all out Disney! I like the way this couple went about it!

disney wedding

“Toni Scaplehorn married Australian Eric Orford at a Disney-themed wedding in her hometown of Plymouth. They dressed up as Beauty And The Beast and guests included Snow White and Goofy.”

Perfect Quote for Vows: “I knew at once that you were meant for me. Deep in my soul I know that I’m your destiny.” —Mulan

Harry Potter Wedding

A wedding is already a magical event, so it’s no surprise that Harry Potter weddings would be popular. This one was done really well.

harry potter wedding

“‘Hedwig’s Theme’ replaced the traditional wedding march and the rest of the enchanting Harry Potter soundtrack played softly as guests arrived at the ceremony.”

Perfect Quote for Vows: “We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.” —Albus Dumbledore

Rainbow Wedding

Although the rainbow is a symbol of the LGBT community, not all same-sex weddings incorporate a rainbow theme. But a rainbow-themed wedding is still the first thing that comes to mind for many brides or grooms, and they can be fun, festive, and wonderful. Here are a couple of brides who did the rainbow theme proud.

rainbow bridal party

“As if a rainbow-themed wedding could get any more awesome, Jessica and Courtney’s special day was sprinkled with details giving nods to marriage equality and the way they met (which you know we’re suckers for).”

Perfect Quote for Vows: “If only I could reach the rainbow, I would pull it down and write your name on it, then put it back in the sky, so people would know just how colorful my life has been with you in it.” —Unknown

LSU Football Wedding

Anyone needing a wedding officiant in the Baton Rouge and surrounding areas will very likely be a fan of LSU football. There may be a few exceptions to that rule, but I haven’t met very many of those! This is Tiger country, and purple and gold are the ruling colors of this area of the South. No one here would really be surprised to get an invitation to an LSU themed wedding. And as you can see below, some couples are happy to show their love for LSU!

lsu couple

This is apparently just an engagement picture, but obviously, a stadium would make for a great wedding venue for hard-core college football fans (or any sport for that matter). Around here, that usually means LSU football, but might also include Tulane, Southern, or any of the high school football teams.

Perfect Quote for Vows: “You make me happy for the love that I have learned to know.” —Adapted from the LSU Alma Mater

Other Wedding Themes

Of course, there are dozens more I could name, including beach weddings, superhero themed weddings, scuba diving weddings, hot air balloon weddings, rustic barn weddings, and so many more. The traditional wedding is still tops, but themed weddings are common now, so I would not be surprised by any answer I might receive when I ask a couple the big question…”so what kind of wedding do you envision?”

I’m still waiting for someone to ask if I would marry them while parachuting from a plane. I would probably say yes, by the way. I’d love to add “skydiving officiant” to my list of accomplishments. 🙂

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