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Free Stunning Wedding Pics? The Secret To Getting Them Without Annoying Anyone!

taking picsWeddings are expensive, and professional photographers are often a large part of that expense. Don’t get me wrong. A good professional photographer is worth her weight in gold because she will take astonishingly beautiful photos of the day that means the most to you and your loved ones! Since you’ll be paying dearly for those perfect pics, you want to make sure nothing (or no one) gets in the way of her being able to capture those shots! Unfortunately, it’s a common scenario to see eager wedding guests getting in the way of your photographer, or causing just enough of a stir with their movements while they try to capture their perfect photo moments. Multiply that commotion with numerous people, all happily snapping away with their cameras, phones, and flashes, and your photographer’s job becomes a lot more complicated.

On the other hand, all those guests are taking numerous photos of your wedding, and that’s a wonderful thing! Remember the days when we used to supply guests with throwaway cameras, just so we could obtain as many pics of our wedding as possible? We no longer have to do that, as everyone walks around with a digital camera at all times. That’s the good news, and that’s the bad news. Since everyone is used to snapping pics on a daily basis, the chances of some of them getting in the way, or causing the pro photographer to lose a good shot goes up. So how can you get a ton of free, stunning wedding photos, without annoying anyone? The answer lies in good communication and one great little app.

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Let’s Start With A Free App – WedPics!

wedpics sample albumWe’ll tackle the fun part first. How can you get your guests to take spectacular photos of your rehearsal dinner, bridal showers, wedding ceremony and reception, all for free, and have every photo organized and available to you to choose from all in one place? Wow, that sounds impossible, right? It’s not only possible, it’s as easy as it can be. WedPics.com provides a free app (available for both iPhone and Android) that lets every guest upload images of your event(s) right to your own private (and free) wedding album. And for those few guests who can’t use an app for some reason? They can still upload the pics they take to the website. You can even encourage your professional photographer to upload pics! She may be willing to share a few to publicize her work.

There are a lot of ways to get your guests on board with using the app. WedPics lists the following ways:

  • Order WedPics invite cards, custom made with your names, Wedding ID, and instructions for your guests
  • Send custom generated invites via email
  • Send custom generated invites via text message (app only)
  • Send custom generated invites to your Facebook friends
  • In the menu section named Edit Wedding Info (website only), we provide you with a personalized banner and link to include on your wedding website (ie. The Knot, Wedding Wire, etc)
  • In the menu section named “Print Your Own” (on web under Order App Cards), we provide you with printable downloads like a Photo Scavenger Hunt, a personalized WedPics poster, and print-your-own app cards. (website only)

There is everything to love about this app, and nothing to dislike. All pros, no cons. I highly recommend checking it out. You have absolutely nothing to lose by doing so, and a massive amount of great pictures to gain!

Curbing The Over-Zealous Guest Photography Nuts

We all know a few. Those people who will shove their cell phones in anyone’s face just to get that one outstanding photo (which usually turns out to be blurry and unusable anyway). Or the ones that think their camera flash was put there to use as a strobe light! Whatever the reason, some wedding guests have a tendency to annoy someone with their zest for taking pictures. How do you keep that from happening, while still encouraging everyone to take lots of photos? It’s all about communication. Most guests don’t WANT to be a nuisance. They simply don’t realize what their picture-taking antics might be causing. The Digital Photography School has an excellent article that teaches us all how to be gracious guests. Here’s what I recommend.

When you send the WedPics invite cards, emails, or Facebook invites to your guests, include the 5 tips listed in that article. Here is a condensed version:

  1. Please stay seated during the ceremony. Only our photographer/videographer and the wedding party should be moving around.
  2. Zoom lenses are great for letting you take pics from your seat
  3. Don’t distract guests or the photographer trying to get a good shot.
  4. Don’t stand near the photographer to get the same shots. That can have a negative impact on the official photos.
  5. The couple has enough to do, so don’t force them to pose for you. Take natural shots instead.

By being proactive, you’ll communicate how to be gracious wedding guests, help everyone take fabulous photos that get organized automatically for you, and with a little luck, no one gets annoyed in the process. Win, win, win!

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