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Museum and Art Gallery Wedding Venues Form The Perfect Backdrop

Photo Credit: johnhope14 cc

Photo Credit: johnhope14 cc

The normal crop of wedding venues in your area are often booked far in advance. What can you do if all the standard venues are already taken on your planned wedding date? Look for the unconventional venue! In fact, many couples are unaware of the less-than-obvious choices available to them, including various museums and art galleries.

The local art museum may not be the first place that comes to mind as a wedding venue, but maybe it should be. Click To Tweet

Museums have all of the elements needed to make your wedding a success:

  • Plenty of space
  • Available staff
  • Experience with hosting special events and large gatherings

Intimate or Elaborate: Galleries and Museums Work Well

If you have always pictured an intimate wedding ceremony with a few special friends and family members, an art gallery can be the perfect location. Art galleries are designed to be intimate spaces, and the beautiful art on the walls will serve as the perfect background for your special day.

If a large and elaborate wedding is more your style, the local museum has everything you need to make your wedding day dreams come true. Many museums rent out their main halls and gallery spaces for special events, from premiere parties and corporate events to fundraisers and yes – even weddings. A prestigious or unique museum can be a fairy tale venue.

If you decide that a local art gallery or museum is the perfect backdrop for your wedding, you will need to start planning as early as possible. While museums are not yet as popular as country clubs and hotels, a growing number of brides are looking beyond such traditional venues. These brides understand the special symbolism and significance of a wedding at an art gallery or museum, and they want to share their love of great art with everyone on their guest list. If you want to make sure your museum wedding comes off without a hitch, you should start contacting them as soon as possible.

Start by looking for the contact form at each venue’s website. Be on the lookout for the Special Events Coordinator. If they only list one contact, begin with that. You’ll eventually find the person assigned to handle weddings and events. Museums and art galleries are well versed in the unique needs of large parties, from corporate donors to brides and grooms. They have the skills you need to make your wedding picture perfect; letting them handle things will make your job a lot easier. So if you need a venue that is a little outside the norm, but still knows how to handle an event, an art gallery or museum might be just the right choice.

Need some examples from the South Louisiana area? Here are a few.

LSU Rural Life Museum Chapel

Photo Credit: skatoolaki cc

LSU Rural Life Museum Bridge

Photo Credit: skatoolaki cc


The LSU Rural Life Museum is available for weddings and is a lovely place to have that rustic wedding you’ve dreamed of. You can also choose to have your ceremony elsewhere, but just have a set of wedding portraits taken in this amazing place. Who knew this lovely area was just around the corner from us?

LSU Museum of Arts at The Shaw Center of Arts

Photo Credit: UrbanPlanet BR cc

Prefer something a little more modern? The LSU Museum of Art at the Shaw Center for the Arts should fit the bill perfectly! The museum venue is elegant and it is fully prepared to host a beautiful wedding event. In addition, the Shaw Center has numerous options and settings that could work for you, so even if the museum is booked, you may be able to use one of the other areas. Each has its own special amenities to accommodate various group sizes and style preferences, including fine works of art and fabulous views overlooking the city of Baton Rouge. Rooftop, anyone?


There are similar venues all around South Louisiana, so don’t limit your search when looking for the perfect venue. If you choose to book me to be your officiant at the art gallery or museum you’ve chosen, I’ll look forward to seeing you there!

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