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My Goal: A Relaxed Bride Or Groom On The Wedding Day

nervous before weddingDon’t be nervous. It’s easy to say, I know, but it needs to be said anyway. I know how easy it is to stress out about all the details of your wedding. There’s so much that could go wrong, after all. — Wait! Stop thinking that way. Turn that thinking around. There’s so much that will go right!

Of the hundreds of moments that might take place throughout your wedding and reception, 99% of them will go absolutely the way they should. Naturally, there will always be a little something that won’t go as planned. That’s inevitable. It happens in every wedding! But those little “oopsies” are just a part of the day that will make your day memorable.

The ceremony itself is in good hands. Your officiant’s goal is to make sure it will consist of nothing but amazingly touching moments that everyone will appreciate and remember. I know what you’re thinking. What if I stumble over my words when saying my vows? What if I drop the ring? What if, what if, what if? Even if something like that happens, it’s perfectly okay. As your officiant, I’ll keep everything rolling along smoothly, and we’ll all be able to laugh at those tiny moments that sometimes go slightly wrong. Marriage has its little oopsies. Real life has its little oopsies. Your wedding may have its little oopsies, too, but I know from experience, that the more a couple relaxes, the more fun everyone has – especially when those oopsies happen!

Controlling Your Nerves Before Your Wedding

  • You Don’t Have To Be Perfect – You Only Have To Be You! This is your day. What matters is that you enjoy it, and perfection is absolutely not a criteria for that. As soon as you drop the expectation of perfection, your entire attitude lightens up.
  • Know That The Prep Work Is Done – You’ve done all the prep work. You’ve hired the vendors, made the plans, managed everything, and the moment has finally arrived. Now is the perfect time to let go. No more planning. No more worrying. All of that is behind you now. Stop for a moment before the ceremony begins, look around, and breathe…knowing that the work is done and the fun begins. You’ll begin to relax immediately once you let go of the planning.
  • Realize that emotions are perfectly okay! It’s a wedding. Everyone is emotional! There will be tears, there will be smiles, there will be laughter. And all of it is exactly right.
  • Ask yourself the big What If question? What if my wedding is wonderful? That’s the only what if question you need to consider, so relax, and let the wonders happen.
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