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New Orleans Courtyard Wedding

There is nothing quite like the charm of a New Orleans courtyard wedding. Luckily, New Orleans is host to numerous beautiful courtyard spaces that lend a perfect ambiance to a small, intimate wedding. There are the well-known spots, such as the Maison Dupuy, Broussards, House of Broel, and Brennan’s, but you shouldn’t overlook all of the other available venues. You’ll probably find it easier to book them, and the cost may be more suitable as well. One excellent choice is the Lafitte Guest House, located at 1003 Bourbon St.

The wedding I officiated there recently was simply beautiful and charming. The brides couldn’t have chosen a better backdrop for their big day. From the walk down the aisle, through the ceremony, and then out to the second line celebration, it was an event that everyone enjoyed.

Check out some of the pictures. The happy faces say it all!

Lafitte Guest House - New Orleans Courtyard Wedding

The French Quarter. New Orleans. Bourbon Street. Second Line. These are just a few of things that made Susan and Margaret’s wedding special, but it was the joy and the love that these two have shared for so many years that really made this wedding perfect. Congratulations to the two of you!


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