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Officiant For Gay Wedding Ceremonies In Louisiana

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Do I Perform LGBT / Same-Sex Marriage Ceremonies?

Yes! I will absolutely officiate at a gay or lesbian wedding, and now it is legal to do so in all 50 states! I believe all loving couples should have the right to profess their love and have a beautiful wedding ceremony. I am happy to be an officiant at your ceremony, and in fact, I specialize in the LGBTQ wedding industry. Of course, I’ll still be happy to officiate at straight weddings as well. However, the LGBTQ community has fewer choices so I want to make sure that each couple¬†always has at least one person who believes in everyone’s right to love.

LGBT gay wedding rainbow ringsI am also available to perform commitment ceremonies, for any couple, if for some reason you don’t want to legally get married. If you would like to have me officiate at your commitment ceremony, all of the same information listed on the site still applies (except, of course, that I won’t be filing a legal marriage certificate with the state).

I look forward to being able to help many gay and lesbian couples unite at beautiful, loving wedding ceremonies. You have someone not only willing, but thrilled to officiate at your weddings. My own hippie gay wedding when I married my wife was the highlight of my life!

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