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Quaint Old Church Wedding In Baton Rouge

When Limian and Yun first contacted me about having a small wedding, with just their parents in attendance, they asked for my help in finding a suitable venue. They preferred an outdoor space, so I suggested several of the Baton Rouge area park settings. As the day drew near, and the weather began to assert its more soggy side, they decided to come up with a plan B that would include some shelter from potential downpours.

After several last-minute changes, they settled on a place that was perfectly charming. Their wedding ceremony was held in a quaint old church that has been preserved on the grounds of the LSU Rural Life Museum in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The church and all of the grounds that make up the entire outdoor museum is spectacularly hidden within the hubbub of city life. I know I’ve passed by this secret wonderland thousands of times, as I’ve driven down Essen Lane, never realizing that it was tucked between hospitals and shopping centers and general traffic-congested roadways. It’s like finding a quiet, tranquil oasis in the middle of a bustling, honking, swarm of citylife.

If this looks sweet and serene, that’s because it is. I love this setting for a private, cozy, intimate wedding ceremony. Yun and Limian got started on their new united life in a wonderful way.

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