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Releasing White Doves or Butterflies at Weddings


Have you read the recent article in the Baton Rouge Advocate titled “Baton Rouge teen cares for all animals, runs business with 200 homing pigeons“? It’s an inspiring story of a girl who has an incredible entrepreneurial spirit, and the family business she created. And lucky for us, her business is one that many wedding couples would love to know more about.

The company is called Glory Birds, and the teenager, LaQuella, with her father Pharoah Johnson, operate a company that releases white doves at weddings and other events. (Actually, the birds are white homing pigeons, but they look a lot like doves). You can see more photos and get information from the Glory Birds Facebook page, or get in touch via email or phone at 225-978-4357. A white dove release is a beautiful way to end a wedding ceremony, as everyone watches the birds take flight and head for home.

A similar idea is to have a Butterfly Release at the end of the ceremony. Butterflies, either Painted Ladies or Monarchs, are delivered in special containers just before your wedding. Releasing butterflies always delights wedding guests, especially children, since they tend to flutter and stay around the general area for some time. There are quite a few butterfly farms that deliver to our area, but I would recommend using one that is a member of IBBA, the International Butterfly Breeders Association. Swallowtail Farms and Butterfly Release Company would both be good choices.

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