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Should You Attend Any Upcoming Bridal Shows?

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The Baton Rouge area has one major bridal show occurring this summer, and there is one in St. Francisville in a few days. While that one is a little out of the area, going to it would make for a wonderfully fun road trip to a beautiful nearby town.

But Are Bridal Shows Even Worth Attending?

It’s a personal preference, really, as any kind of trade show will appeal to some and be all-out-boring to others. But if you are in the midst of planning your wedding, and you don’t already have every single detail nailed down, then I’d recommend going to one of the bridal shows that are happening soon. If you pick up a few ideas, or get one nice discount, it will be well worth the time and minimal ticket price. Plus, I like to think it’s the perfect way to spend a little wedding planning time with your mom, maid of honor, or even the groom (gasp!). If nothing else, you’ll likely go home with some cool promotional schwag, and who knows, you may even win a great door prize or even a grand prize!

Bridal Shows Near Baton Rouge – June Through December, 2015

What: Hemingbough Bridal Show
When: Sunday, June 7, 2015 from 2:30 to 5:00 pm
Where: Hemingbough, St. Francisville
How Much: $5 if you preregister or $8 at the door
Who Is Presenting The Show: Hemingbough, Weddings by Allie, and Weddings With Style Magazine
Preregistration details: Email weddingbyallie@yahoo.com

What: Baton Rouge Bridal Show
When: Sunday, July 26, 2015 from 1:00 to 4:00 pm
Where: Baton Rouge River Center
How Much: $10 in advance (purchase online by June 21, 2015) or $15 after 6/21 – cash only at the door
Who Is Presenting The Show: N-Joy Events
More Details: Call 225-242-9987 or Email Ashley Holden at ashley@n-joyeventsbr.com

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