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Small Intimate Weddings Are Always Popular

The $10,000+ wedding might be the most photographed, talked-about, and shared type of wedding, but it’s far from the kind that the majority of people actually have. Many couples either elope or have a very small, intimate wedding with less than 20 people. In fact, a large number of ceremonies consist of only the couple, the officiant, and the requisite 2 witnesses. These small weddings are affordable, personal, and beautiful. The focus is fully on the couple getting married, and the love shared between them, rather than on the decorations, dresses, glitz and glam.

Whether elaborate or simple, every wedding is beautiful and special. And as I always say, every wedding is absolutely perfect, no matter what “goes wrong”. As long as the couple shows up, and in the end, the marriage is pronounced, every detail contributes to wonderful memories. No special attire, number of attendants, or venue is required.

Here are a few of the small weddings I’ve officiated at recently. As you can see, whether a wedding is held in a home, in a backyard, or in a park, love and happiness is always present.

wedding in back yard

Small family wedding in Geismar, LA

Wedding in the house

Elopement in Reserve, LA

Wedding in the park

Eloped to Highland Road Park in Baton Rouge, LA

These elopement style weddings are some of my favorites. Oh, who am I kidding? Every wedding is my favorite. Big or small, elaborate or simple, they are all the happiest of days!

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