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The True Beauty Of A Rainbow Wedding Ceremony

rainbow wedding decorations

Rainbow weddings are popular, certainly within the LGBTQ community, but also with many straight couples who love the bright joyous feeling that a rainbow evokes.

Yesterday, I performed a wedding ceremony in Baker, Louisiana, for a charming couple who went all out to decorate their venue in rainbow colors. As you can see, each of the attendants sported one of the colors of the rainbow, and of course, the decorations were wonderfully rainbow-rrific!

rainbow wedding

A colorful wedding isn’t for everyone. Many would prefer a more reserved color scheme, but I always enjoy ceremonies in which the couple is willing to go against the norm. Of course, having done that myself with my hippie wedding, it’s not surprising that I get a kick out of weddings that are a bit on the more adventurous side of things. Don’t get me wrong. Solemn, sedate, traditional weddings are lovely. But the weddings that throw caution to the wind are definitely fun. Fun doesn’t have to be the opposite of solemn, however. The two can co-exist nicely. Here’s an excerpt from the ceremony I wrote for this wedding that I hope is a good example of how serious and solemn can be weaved into a bright, fun ceremony.

An Excerpt from “Marriage Is A Rainbow” by Donna F. Cavalier

A rainbow is a dazzling array of different colors that come together into a single oneness. When these diverse colors unite, they create a beautiful harmony. Marriage is like a rainbow. In fact, the very meaning of the word marriage – is to combine multiple individual elements into one. You are individuals, each with your differences, but you come together today to create a single oneness of loving unity, made more beautiful as you join your differences into one harmonious marriage.

Wedding ceremonies are as diverse as the people getting married. There are many ceremony styles, some traditional, some completely unique.

What’s your style?

  • If you could have the ceremony of your dreams, what would it be?
  • If you are already married, how do you feel about the type of ceremony you had? Would you do it again or would you change it?

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