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Things We Can All Learn From That Viral Wedding Video

A few months ago, a wedding video went viral on Facebook and various other social networks. You probably saw it. You know, the one where the groom kneels down to his small stepdaughter and reads the vows he wrote just for her? I’ll share it here again so you can refresh your memory, or experience it for the first time, if for some crazy reason, you somehow managed to miss seeing it shared.

The Viral Wedding Video


Things This Video Can Teach Us About Wedding Ceremonies

  1. Weddings that blend families are common, and often, the most memorable, poignant moments are those that involve the children. Don’t be afraid to bring the kids directly into the ceremony. There are many ways to do this, a few of which I’ll outline below. No matter how you involve the now-blended family members, it will be touching and special.
  2. Tears happen. Brides will cry. Grooms will cry. Guests will cry. It happens, and it’s not something to worry about or fear. Most couples get choked up at some point during the ceremony, voices trembling, tears either threatening to spill, or even cascading down their cheeks. Once one trembling voice is heard, or one tear is shed, it’s likely to spread quickly through the crowd. And yes, your officiant (me) might even get a little choked up as well. ~~~~~ TIP: Make sure the maid of honor or best man (or someone nearby) has a handful of tissues ready to help the couple if a little dabbing needs to be done. I usually have a few tucked away just in case they are needed.
  3. Lines are flubbed, words are misspoken, people giggle. Whether it’s because the couple is choked up, or nervous, or just unable to think during such a big moment, someone is probably going to need a little extra time to gather their thoughts before continuing on. As this video shows, these moments can end up being lighthearted, as someone acknowledges the problem, and everyone enjoys a humorous moment. Life is that way; sometimes serious, sometimes funny, and the beginning of a new life together should reflect that reality as well. So stop worrying about getting the vows memorized perfectly.
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How To Involve Children of Blended Families In The Wedding Ceremony

Here are a few ideas for making children feel as though they are an important part of this new beginning.

necklace - medallion

  • Write Your Own Vows – To The Children. This was the obvious one. You can see from the video above that this is a beautiful idea, and it means so much to everyone. I don’t think I need to describe this one any further, since you can see the entire concept come to life in the video.
  • Have a Medallion Ceremony. A Medallion Ceremony is a short ceremony, where the couple (or the officiant) shares this message, in whatever way they find most fitting. “This couple has exchanged rings to symbolize a promise they made to each other. Likewise, they would like to present special family medallions to the children to symbolize the promise they make to them.” The medallions (usually hanging from a necklace) can be any small token or keepsake really, and the promise should be a short statement that the couple (one or both) says aloud to the children as the tokens are handed to them.
  • Include Children In Sand Ceremonies, Unity Candle Ceremonies, etc. It is very easy to add a Family Candle to the Unity Candle ceremony, that the children light, or let the children pour their sand between the sand that the couple pours into the container. Essentially, any special unity ceremony can be modified to allow children to participate in the ritual.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. I’d be happy to discuss any other ideas you might have for including children in your blended family wedding ceremony. Just get in touch and let’s put a plan together!

When you worry that the ceremony will all go wrong, remember that the imperfections of this wedding video made the event more perfect, so relax a little.

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