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Two Beautiful Southeast Louisiana Wedding Venues

Blythewood Plantation and Ashley Manor

I performed two wedding ceremonies this weekend at two wonderful venues. The first was the exquisite Blythewood Plantation in Amite City. This colonial revival style mansion, built in the late 1800’s is a beautiful setting for a grand wedding. The outdoor lawns, surrounded by large shade trees, are sunny and green, with tables and chairs placed perfectly. Just a glimpse is enough to feel warm and inviting. Of course, the long brick walkway leading up to the white-columned front porch sets the stage for the bridal procession.

The interior of the plantation home is just as elegant, with its lovely staircase, rich, wooden floors, walls and ceilings, brilliant chandeliers, several old grand pianos, and antique furniture in every nook and cranny. It is not only the perfect wedding backdrop, but it also serves as bed and breakfast, so the happy couple can enjoy all that it has to offer, even after the rehearsal has ended, and the guests have long gone.

Blythewood Plantation and Ashley Manor

The second venue is Ashley Manor in Baton Rouge. In contrast to the stately plantation home, Ashley Manor’s barn is a gorgeous yet quaint setting for a more rustic event. From the frames placed haphazardly upon the walls, to the bucket lights and white wisteria hanging overhead, the scene is both charming and peaceful. A nearby gazebo and pond completes the tranquil scene. Ashley Manor also has two dining rooms and a complete catering package built in.

Of course, it goes without saying, that I enjoyed being a part of both couples’ happy day! The bridal parties, families, friends, and venue staff were all having a good time. I was invited to nibble on the food provided at Ashley Manor, while I waited for a photo session to conclude, so that was a nice treat! I ate some Eggplant Louisiane, a little pasta salad, a handful of Cajun Chicken Bites, and some crackers with shrimp dip. The shrimp dip and the cajun chicken bites were my favorites. The chicken bites reminded me a little of sweet and sour chicken, in that the glaze was similar in look and texture, but the flavor was different. Not too spicy, despite having Cajun in the name. I could have just pulled a chair right up to the shrimp dip tray and stayed there all night, but I guess that might not be proper. LOL!! It did briefly flash through my mind though!

I’m always interested in checking out venues, so feel free to let me know of a venue in Southeast Louisiana that you love!

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