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Wedding Ceremonies With A Touch of Sizzle Or A Dash of Surprise

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Everyone knows exactly what to expect at a wedding, right? Even if you are planning to have a traditional wedding ceremony, don’t be afraid to add a little sizzle to the plans, or throw in a bit of surprise for the guests! Here are a few ideas to get you thinking about adding a little WOW to your special day.

  1. Dance down the aisle! Start with the standard slow and steady shuffle, and then halfway down to the altar, break out into a skip, a hop, or a happy little dance! Your guests (and waiting partner) will love it!
  2. Get your guests involved in the ceremony! Hand a paper with short supportive quotes on it to each guest; then have your officiant involve the guests by having them do the “Repeat after me” process as well. Example: “Repeat after me…We believe this love is meant to be….We support this marriage now and in the future…”
  3. The groom can surprise the bride too! You know every little girl dreams of the handsome prince riding in on his white horse to sweep her off her feet. While I don’t necessarily recommend the sweeping off the feet bit, as that could be disastrous, having the groom arrive a little “late” to the ceremony, slowly parading in on a beautiful white horse, would astonish both the bride and the guests!

Even if 99% of the ceremony is traditional, you can always find a way to add a little sizzle or a big surprise to make the day even more memorable for everyone! Don’t be afraid to throw a little something extra into the mix!

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