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Win A $5000 Dream Proposal From WeddingWire

The content on this page is outdated, but for historical purposes, it remains here on the site. Please keep in mind that the information below may no longer be relevant or valid.


Are you planning on proposing to someone? Would you like to have help making it a dream proposal that will be the start of amazing memories to come? Would $5000 help? WeddingWire is going to make all of that happen for one lucky person, and it may as well be you, right?

Just tell WeddingWire about you and your honey, including all the details of what kind of dream proposal you would like to make. See all the details here. You have to enter by September, 30, 2015, so put your writing cap on, and submit a story that WeddingWire just can’t resist!

I can imagine so many possible scenarios that would make for a unique and special proposal. I bet you can too, and one of them might make WeddingWire agree to help you make it come true. If you win this contest, make sure to let me know, because I would be very excited to hear all about it! Best of luck!

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